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Secure Training for a more secure Future

EASTON’S Training Ltd is a provider of high-quality personnel and corporate security worldwide, all our operators and trainers have served with the British Military.

EASTON’S Training has a wealth of experience in training and providing military advisors and security operatives in the UK and overseas. Our teams provide a wide range of security consultancy and training services.

Contact us directly to discuss your specific training, risk, crisis, continuity or international assistance needs with a specialist advisor.

We look forward to supporting you, your people or your business in the future. 



We support our clients both practically and emotionally by equipping their staff with the necessary tools to be able to continually risk assess safety and develop an understanding of known and developing risk factors. 


We provide complete and integrated security solutions, be it strategic advice or practical, on-the-ground services. We help manage the risks your organisation faces, tailoring solutions to the location and the nature of the risk.

Training Courses

We make it a priority to tailor our programs to our clients’ needs, so they get the best possible outcome of our training programs or our courses. We make a training analysis in order to design and deliver tailored training programs to meet customer needs.

Security solutions for any situation.

Consultancy: Maintaining vigilance in all environments is imperative to protect your business and it requires you to be proactive in everything you do. Reacting after the fact would result huge losses and could precipitate the downfall of the business. Anticipation, preparation and security are the key to keep an organization protected.


Close Protection:  The Security Industry Authority (SIA) set the guidelines and standards intended for official Close Protection training in the UK. For you to obtain a license you must complete and pass a course that is compliant with the specifications as laid down by the SIA. The course is over 194 hours in duration and is a combination of classroom and practical exercises.

Door Supervisors:  The qualification meets the Security Industry Authority (SIA) specification for core competency training for door supervisors, which covers the necessary understanding and skills required by individuals who work in the licensed leisure .Door supervisors are required to play an active role in safety of customers at licenced venues.

Security Officers : Security Officer/Guarding is a programme designed to meet the needs of learners requiring a qualification enabling the application for an SIA licence for security guarding. The syllabus delivers the necessary understanding of the security industry and subject related security guarding functions.

CCTV  Operators:  The Level 2 Award in CCTV Operations (Public Space Surveillance) (QCF) is a programme designed to meet the needs of learners who require a qualification which will enable them to apply for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence for operating CCTV for public space surveillance.

First Aid at Work: The recommended course duration is 3 days and topics covered include: the roles and responsibilities of the First Aider; assessing an incident, recognising signs and symptoms of injury and illness, assisting a casualty who is suffering from major injury and illness, chest injuries, spinal injuries and anaphylaxis.

Close Protection: This brand new  5 day course covers all of the requirements in order for you to maintain your SIA Close Protection Licence.

Door Supervisor: The primary purpose of the qualification is to confirm occupational competence. However, employers can also rely on the knowledge provided as meeting nationally recognised standards within security, and more specifically door supervision, at this level. 

Security Officer/Operative:  This is a mandatory course for holders of SIA Security Guarding licences and Security Officers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills for their job roles. The SIA requires All Security Guarding Licence holders to have completed this Top-Up course and an appropriate First Aid qualification to renew their licence from the 1st of October. It is therefore important to note that, all SG professionals currently working in the private security sector are to register for the course beforehand to enable them to renew their SIA license to work.

Fire Safety:  The course covers the incidents involving fire, key legislation applicable to fire in non-domestic premises, on construction sites and work activities that could involve fire, the basic components of fire, the stages a fire passes through, how fire spreads, the ways fires are classified in the UK, how fires can be prevented, types and uses of fire extinguishers, risk assessment and fire safety arrangements.

Security /Consultancy

Training Courses

Up Skilling Courses: 


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