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EASTON'S Training Ltd was formed in 2015 and delivers Security Industry Authority (SIA) ‘approved’ courses to meet demands of new and existing legislation of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. 
It is against the law to work as a Security Officer, Door Supervisor, CCTV Operator, or Close Protection Officer without an SIA License.


EASTON'S Training offers a variety of courses aimed at educating those wishing to obtain the necessary qualifications to embark on a career within the security industry.

In addition, our Training delivers other security and Healthcare related vocational courses to enhance an individual’s skills, which assists with their continual professional development.


Our Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, their backgrounds include Military service, Police service and years of working within private security industry. The instructors work hard to ensure you receive the best instruction in a comfortable learning environment.


We encourage the unemployed to gain training and qualifications to prepare them for the work place. For those seeking funding we suggest you speak to the Job Centre, Job Centre Plus and they should be able to direct you to other organisations that may be able to provide you with funding.

Meet the Instructors


William Easton - CEO & Founder

Having served in the British Army in multiple theatres, including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Northern Ireland, after completing 24 years service. Billy embark upon a career in the security industry.  He carried out a number of high-profile roles within the Security industry, private High Net Worth Sports  Individuals.  


Billy has also been involved in a consultancy and training role for projects throughout the Middle East. Having conducted training in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.. 


In order to address this disparity of standards he decided to create EASTON'S Training Ltd  in 2015, initially focussed upon training the next generation of security professionals, though subsequently expanding to cover a wide range of security and services.

Gary T Wade

Born in London, true cockney as born within the sound of Bow Bells. Moved to Aberdeen over 21 years ago with work and never gone back. Started off as a Football Steward at Aberdeen FC to help a friend out and then did DS course a month later. Did every role at AFC and now Events Manager for one of the security companies. Worked as a DS in a number of corporate, office, retail, events and leisure jobs. As well as teach still work as a Door Supervisor. Is an Associate of Security Institute and Society for Education and Training.

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